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Kevin Powell Counsellor Northampton

I am a fully qualified and experienced counsellor and therapist who offer adults face to face counselling and therapy in Northampton, Northamptonshire.

It takes a huge amount of courage to ask for help, especially from a stranger and indeed a counsellor.
Sometimes working with someone who we do not have an emotional attachment to is exactly what we need to start to make sense of what we are feeling and is happening in our lives and that is where I can help you through counselling. 

Professional counselling assists individuals to better understand their feelings, their thoughts, where they are, how they got there and what steps they need to take in order to move closer towards the destination they seek.
Our counsellor / client relationship will be a mutual agreement based on honesty, trust and open communication. We will work in a safe space and at a pace that you are comfortable with.
As a “Person Centred” counsellor I won’t advise, tell you what to do or fix the issue. My approach to counselling is to assist you in:

  • Making the decisions that you feel right for you
  • Better manage and talk about your feelings, thoughts and emotions.
  • Moving towards an increased understanding of your feelings and what they mean to you.
  • Knowing that you have been listened to and heard
  • Feeling that you are valued, respected, important, accepted for who you are without being judged.
  • Building mutual trust and openness with others

As a caring counsellor, I am here to help. Whether it’s something that is happening in your life right now or events from the past that are continuing to affect you and I won’t be saying to you:-

  • I know how you feel
  • Sort yourself out
  • You should do it this way
  • Pull yourself together
  • You will get over it

However well intentioned someone is, no-one can ever fully understand what you are feeling or have experienced. You are unique and your experiences are individual to you.​

Professional Counselling and Psychotherapy assists individuals to better understand where they are, how they got there and what steps they themselves would consider helpful in moving towards the destination that they seek.

I want to show you how to mange generalised anxiety disorder, how to ease anxiety attacks, deal with anxiety difficulties, depression, relationship problems and many other issues you need help and support with.